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Maceta de cerámica-Colgado / Ceramic pot-Hanging


Wacamole collection

Ceramic pot handmade. Two sizes: S and M

With no drain hole, can place small stones and use a little water.


Size S: 15cm (6”) high. Inside: 8cm (3”) diameter and 9cm (3,5”) high

Size M: 20cm (7,87") high. Inside: 10 cm (3,93") diameter and 11 cm (4,33") high

Fully glazed (inside and out) for optimal cleaning

The process can not accurately reproduce each so we recommend you take your measurements for orientation.

In case of no stock, processing time will be up to 3 weeks. If it is a rush order, please contact us before making a purchase: hola@madrigueraworkshop.com